We are facing tough economic choices. My strength in economics directly supports the Premier’s visionary leadership. Strong conservative fiscal policy will help lead Alberta to a strong, stable economic future.

- Danielle Smith

Vote Danielle Smith Highwood PC March 28

Mark your calendars for March 28 to support Danielle. To vote you’ll need a current Alberta Progressive Conservative Membership.

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Danielle Smith is the effective advocate Highwood needs. Please lend your support to nominate Danielle as the next Progressive Conservative Candidate for Highwood.

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Why I'm running

I am committed to public service.

I am committed to working on behalf of my constituents in Highwood, and I am ideally positioned to support Premier Jim Prentice as he ushers in a new era of transparency and accountability in government.

In Highwood, we need to elect an MLA who can stand strong with the Premier to make the tough decisions now that will set us up for continued prosperity.

At the same time, we need a champion who knows how to get action on issues most important to Highwood.

I believe I am that MLA.

Six Reasons To Vote For Danielle


I will work hard to ensure Premier Prentice and our new government have the information they need to ensure that every Disaster Recovery Flood claim is resolved by June 1st. The Premier has already demonstrated his commitment to victims of the 2013 floods by doubling the staff dealing with claims and revising the rules to expedite claims.


I will work with area landowners and municipal councils to ensure Premier Prentice and the new government approve the best solution for flood mitigation on the Highwood River, to ensure we have a cost-effective solution that keeps our communities safe and respects the rights of landowners.


I have made it my goal to ensure Okotoks is successful in getting a provincial commitment to help build a water pipeline from Calgary. Securing funding from the Water-For-Life program is one of my top priorities, and an essential part of the strategy to grow our communities in a healthy and vigorous manner.


I fully support Premier Prentice’s efforts to tell Alberta’s environmental story to the world and open new markets for our resources. Balancing the development of resources with environmental concerns, the rights of First Nations and private property rights has been a passion of mine for two decades.


I have always believed we need to operate a government on the basis of sound conservative fiscal values, and that we need to treat taxpayer dollars with respect while ensuring our most vulnerable citizens are taken care of. We also need to maintain investment in infrastructure that’s critical for growth, like roads, schools, medical facilities and seniors’ housing.


I support Premier Prentice in his desire to see more local decision-making and improvement of the health care system. My priorities are to address the problems of rural ambulance service, attracting physicians and making sure there are enough long-term and continuing-care beds for our seniors. Having a health care system that delivers what we want and need, when we want and need it is essential to restoring public confidence.

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Danielle Smith, MLA Highwood. Championing our community in the Alberta Legislature.